Pro Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

makeup tips for mature skin

Makeup can definitely enhance someones natural beauty, however if done incorrectly or with the wrong products, it can do quit the opposite. Here are my makeup tips for mature skin that are tried and tested from my years of experience. I have used these techniques for men and women for TV, photo shoots and special events.

Tip one: Skin Prep. Make sure you are incorporating a skin care routine before your makeup, It will make a big difference with how your makeup settles into your skin. To start, make sure your skin is washed and clean, use a good serum and/or moisturizer and let the skin care sink into your skin for at least 5 minutes prior to your makeup application.

Tip two: Less is more. When applying makeup on mature skin, starting off with a sheer layer of coverage is always best. Using a full coverage or heavy foundation will cause the makeup to settle into fine lines and wrinkles and will make them appear even deeper than they actually are. I recommend using either a light weight foundation or a tinted moisturizer. After applying a sheer layer all over the face, if any areas need more coverage use a concealer or heavier foundation and dab over only that area. For example, under eye circles, a pimple or dark spots.

Tip three: Use creams over powders. Moisturizing products gives your skin a glow, which gives the appearance of youthfulness. I recommend using cream blush and highlight to give the cheeks the appearance that the rosiness and glow is coming from underneath the skin. Too much powder can make the skin look dry and takes away the skins dimension. I recommend using a translucent powder to take away shine from the T-zone area, which is the middle of your forehead, sides of your nose, upper lip and chin.. Translucent powder does not add coverage to the makeup, it takes away shine and helps the makeup to stay in place.

Hope these makeup tips for mature skin helped! Please leave a comment if you have any other questions or need product recommendations!

Thank you for reading!

Megan Lopez

Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

Booking a Bridal Artist: What to expect

Real Bride Mckenzie, Photograph by Nicole Elizabeth

Just got engaged? Common questions I hear from Bride’s to be are “when is the best time to book my bridal artist?” ,”What price should I be paying for hair and makeup?”, ” Do I need a hair and makeup trial?” Although all artist have different systems and pricing I will help give you a general break down from beginning of planning to the day of your wedding day based on my 7 years of experience in the business working as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist and also being a team member of several bridal artist companies.

Timing: You just got engaged and you plan to have your wedding next year. You may think waiting until closer to your date to choose a team of makeup artist and hairstylist is a good idea but any professional vendor that specializes in weddings is usually booked a year in advance so I highly recommend starting your search and locking down your vendors. A professional will have a contract therefore your date is secured and you don’t need to worry about searching for someone available last minute.

Bridal Trial/Preview: Almost all bridal makeup artist and hairstylist will ask you to do a trial or preview (same thing) this is the opportunity to meet the artist, see how you work together, practice the complete look of your hair and/or makeup look. It’s an opportunity to see how your hair and makeup last throughout the day and address any concerns or changes you’d like to make in order to secure your look for your wedding day. All makeup artist have their own set prices based on their experience and many other factors however most of the time the trial is around the same cost as the wedding day service being that they are doing a complete application (including your lashes or airbrush foundation) and also usually spend more time with you that day to discuss your look and make any changes necessary .

Contracts and pricing: Being that Hair and Makeup Artist can be booked through a company or independent freelance artist, pricing does vary. Pricing is based on each individual artist own skill level, experience, products and equipment used, business expenses, etc. What I am getting at is that bridal artist have their set rates and, if professional, do not budge. So if you contact an artist and they are out of your budget I recommend keeping up your search for someone that is in your price range. A deposit is most likely required upon booking to save your date and each artist/company will have their policies in their contract.

The wedding day: Most likely your artist will travel to your hotel or getting ready location. They will then set up their makeup and hair equipment, light stand and makeup chair. I highly recommend when booking a hotel to make sure there is enough room for all of the artist equipment and, good lighting in the room. The professional will have a schedule made of the order in which each service is being done. Usually the Bride is somewhere in the middle to make sure you aren’t the first person being done and also with enough time to make sure you can finishing getting ready and get those beautiful “getting ready”photos.

I hope this helps with your planning! If you are in the San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles area please refer to my website to book me and my team as your bridal hair & makeup artist!